3 Steps to Follow Before Deciding to Buy

    Owning a home is the American dream! There are 3 things you can do to achieve your dream of home ownership.

    1) Lower your debt to income ratio.

    • Decrease monthly debt payments by refinancing or consolidating and paying down your balances.
    • Ask for a pay raise or get a part time job
    • Lower your expenses

    2) Get your credit score in order.

    • Pay bills on time
    • Dispute derogatory information
    • Don’t open any new forms of credit without first speaking to a lender

    3) Save for a down payment.

    • Sell your unneeded stuff
    • Stash away extra bonuses or overtime
    • Talk to an agent about down payment assistance programs (sometimes we can get you into a home for LESS THAN $1000!)

    Call us today and we can help you achieve your dream of home ownership!